Floating Ball Game

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Test your speed and skill on this fun and unique FLOATING BALL GAME! Will you or your opponent be the first to take each ball -- one at a time -- from the pouch in the front and place them in their floating positions above the columns of air from the cones? Hurry fast, but don't bump your balls or your cones or you may have to start over! Also just as fun to play in opposite fashion -- by taking the balls one at a time OFF the columns of air and putting them away in the pouch. Overall inflatable game size is 12' Wide x 12' Long x 8' Tall. CHECK OUT VIDEOS OF THIS FUN GAME IN ACTION BELOW!

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Floating Ball Game

Floating Ball Game

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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 12' Wide x 12' Long x 8' Tall
Space Needed: 15' x 15'

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