Where are you guys located — and how far do you deliver?

We are in North Logan, Utah, in the beautiful Cache Valley. We do events all over Southern Idaho and Northern Utah. For multiple item events, like company parties or fairs, it makes sense to travel a certain distance. In Utah, we have operated in Cache, Box Elder, Rich, Weber, Davis, Morgan, Salt Lake, Summit, Toole, Utah, and Wasatch Counties. We’ve even been in Vernal, in Uintah County. We have done events from Twin Falls, Idaho to American Fork, Utah. We cover Montpelier, Idaho, Garden City, Utah, and the Bear Lake Valley as well. For individual rentals, we commonly rent to customers from anywhere in Cache Valley, or from Brigham City, Tremonton, or Garland, Utah, or  from areas around Preston or Malad, Idaho. Just call us with any questions about distance, and we will see what we can work out together!


Do you deliver and set up the inflatables? Do you stay and operate them? Do you take them down?

YES — if that is what you want!  Or NO — if that is not what you want!  Our pricing is set up so that our customers who want to save money can do the set up and take down themselves, and our customers who do not want to mess with anything at all can have us completely take care of everything. We even let you choose to do set up OR take down and have us do the rest. It is completely flexible. Obviously, on most of our large events we stay and operate — and we take care of all the delivery, set up, and take down. But let’s say you have a school carnival and don’t want to spend as much money. Just talk to us about you providing volunteers to help set up, operate, and take down — and we will still supervise and oversee your event. The main word here is FLEXIBLE. We just want to make your event work for you for the best possible cost!


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, checks, and credit cards. There is a small fee for the cost of using credit cards. If you are a business or an individual with products or services, please also talk to us about TRADE!


Are you licensed and insured?

YES! OF COURSE! You can even click on the link HERE to see or print out a proof of insurance certificate for Checketts Amusements. For other questions about insurance, or if your event or organization is asking about being named an additional insured, call Ray Checketts at 435-764-7297.


What if it rains or the weather is bad on the day I booked my event?

Checketts Amusements has NEVER charged or penalized our customers for weather cancellations. We will watch the weather together right up to the day of your event. If it needs to be cancelled or postponed, we will work with you for no penalty or charge. If the weather turns rainy or bad AFTER the inflatables have been either picked up by you or delivered and set up by us, then that rental would be earned and non-refundable. Often though, we can leave your units with you longer than planned to help make up for the bad weather. Again, it may sound overly simple, but we try to live by the Golden Rule and take care of our wonderful customers in the best way we possibly can. We want you to be happy with your experience renting from us. We know that weather is one thing none of us can control.


Do you have WATER SLIDES? Can I put WATER on my inflatable rental?

YES! We have many fun and exciting water slides and bounce and slide units that can be used with water. We also have many units that are NOT designed to get wet. You just need to specify when you book your rentals if you will be using them WET or DRY.


When I rent inflatables from Checketts Amusements, do I have to own or rent a generator?

Our inflatable rentals come with everything you need. A typical bounce house rental includes the inflatable, the straps that hold it in a roll, the stakes to secure it, the electric blower that inflates the unit, and anything else typically and normally needed for that particular rental item. Some customers get confused about generators versus blowers or fans. The only time you need a GENERATOR is if you do not have access to electricity / power at your location. And all of our blowers plug in to normal, standard, household electric plugs.


Doesn’t it cost a lot to run those fans that inflate those inflatables?

No. It’s not a significant cost at all. For example, a 1 HP fan, which runs a typical bounce house, is about 750 watts. If you are paying around 10 cents per kilowatt hour for your electricity, that means you could power your bounce house for TEN HOURS for around 75 cents!


Does Checketts Amusements rent GENERATORS?

YES! We even have two different sizes — Larger ones and smaller ones. And our generator rentals include a full tank of gas! And you don’t have to return them full! Very handy and convenient.


Is Checketts Amusements hiring?

YES! We are always interested in talking to fun, cheerful, hard woking individuals of all ages about helping us help our customers party! Just send Ray a message through the CONTACT US tab on this website!

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